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What are Silicone Phone Cases?

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Silicone phone cases are readily available in today’s mobile phone market. Tempered glass screen protectors cover and protects one’s mobile screen from scratches, dust particles and smudges, however leaves the back unprotected.

Mobile phone cases protects phone casing from damage, bumps and accidental drops. There are lots of different covers available in mobile markets in which silicone phone cases are amongst the highest selling. As silicone phone covers are durable and malleable they securely fit without causing the enclosed device damage.

Silicone phone cases are available in different types and grades of quality. When it comes to iPhones,

Silicone cases are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to match each model of iPhone.  Premium silicone cases often come with lining inside to ensure maximum fitment and protection.

The silicone phone cases wrap up the phone tightly. Silicone has moulding properties that ensure perfect spacing between the silicone cover and the phone’s main buttons. This ensures that over time and use the case does not loosen and remains snug

What are the advantages? And why should you choose a silicone cover? Here we have the answers to all these questions.

As silicone phone covers are the bestselling and best rating covers in the mobile phone market, the main advantages of silicone phones cases are:

Advantages of silicone cases

  1. Secure fit
  2. Water resistant
  3. Shock absorbing
  4. Affordable
  5. Slim and weightless
  6. Protective
  7. Durable
  8. Easy to maintain
  9. Scratch-free cover
  10. Additional grip


Water Resistant and Shock Absorbing

Silicone phone covers are made of a special type of rubber-like material. So due to that material, these covers are very light and resist the shock of electricity as well as being water resistant. Being water resistant silicone cases can be wiped clean with any antibacterial or Silicone case - virusinfection control wipes or cleaners.

This ensures that the case remains not only visibly clean but that any bacteria invisible to the naked eye is cleaned. A recent article details through bacteria testing how  results show mobile phones harbour more bacteria that a toilet seat.

Another advantage is silicone cushions the structural integrity of an enclosed mobile phone and provides protection from dents, damages and bumps.


Different varieties of colors, sizes, designsSilicone Mobile Case Waterproof

Silicone mobile covers are widely available in a wide range of colors, designs, and sizes for the iPhone. This is due to the composition of the material used and the method of manufacture.

These covers are amongst the most popular covers, with mobile phone manufacturers also offering their own branded versions. Silicone while being waterproof also has the added property of being customisable and can be done by adding and pasting stickers and glitters on.


Secure Fit

Another feature of this silicone cover is that it is flexible. In silicone phone cases there are a variety of flexible covers that fits perfectly to the back of the iPhone. These silicone covers can easily be molded to form a perfect shape and then fits tightly over the phone.

Silicone phone covers made for iphone’s can be made to be fully compatible ensuring that the holes for buttons, camera, and ports for connections and cables are at the right place. Silicone phone cases are easy to remove and easy to put on.


Durable and Anti-Slip                                               

Silicone is very durable and also has resistance to damage. These silicone phone covers are washable and durable. These factors make them reasonably long-lasting. They are very easy to hold and handle with a good and comfortable grip due to the anti-slip properties adding additional grip to mobile phone.

Reasonable Pricing

Silicone phone cases tend to be cheaper and inexpensive in comparison to other cases made up of plastic and leather. These covers are the most affordable. Silicone cases depending on quality and density are relatively inexpensive and can be had in different designs with little change in pricing.

Protective and Dust resistant: 

iPhone’s are regarded as “Premium devices”. For these types of expensive phones, it is essential to take precautions to protect these devices. So, choosing the best mobile case is essential and include the following properties, protective, heat and dust resistant and not interfere with the touch screen.  

This unique property helps to keep the phone looking pristine and new for a long time. Due to the use of silicone phone cases mobile phones are more protected than using basic cases because silicon wraps up the phone ensuring minimal gaps between the case and the phone. Silicone phone covers protect the phone against accidental drop damage.

Where can you buy premium silicone phone cases?

You can get high quality premium silicone mobile cases from with free delivery.

Crctech silicone mobile cases are microfibre lined to ensure mobile phones are not scratched or damaged and remain brand new. If you also need a screen protector or lightning usb you can try the CRCTech Silicone accessory pack which includes a silicone case, tempered glass screen protector and a nylon braided lighting usb cable.


Comparison against other cases

As there are a variety of mobile phone cases available, should you choose a Silicone based case? Are they better than other cases? 

Below are comparisons with other main available cases:

  1. SiliconeDurable / Shockproof / Water resistant / Perfect natural fit / Additional grip / Easy to clean / wireless charging compatible
  2. TPU (Clear Plastic / aka. Crystal cover) – Transparent / Hard Case / Minor shockproof / Clarity becomes yellow over time / Cheapest cases / wireless charging compatible 
  3. Leather – Most expensive / Premium feel / Thick material / Material fit loosens over time / Easy to scratch


It is clear from the above topic that silicone phone cases are best to use and to protect premium mobile phone devices.  When choosing a mobile phone case it is important to choose a company that provides quality accessories. Get your case from where you get the best quality mobile phone cases for your latest iPhone all with free UK delivery.CRCTech iPhone Silicone Accessories Pack

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