Are nylon braided cables better?

You’ve seen them in shops and online, you may have even been told that nylon braided cables better. So the question is

“Are nylon braided cables better?”

To determine the answer we need to answer the questions:

  1. What exactly is nylon braiding?
  2. Additional Advantages?
  3. What is the cost?

What is nylon braiding?

Nylon braiding is where strands of nylon are intertwined to create additional stronger strands or cables. Nylon when used in this creation process is structurally more stable than alternative plastic counterparts.

By definition: braiding is: a complex structure or pattern formed by interlacing three or more strands of flexible material together. Nylon is highly regarded for its strength and elastic stretch properties. Therefore when used as a shield or cable coating, nylon braiding allows for stronger, more flexible mechanical structure.

Additional Advantages?

The strength and durability of cables is measured in Tensile Strength.

Tensile strength by definition is: The breaking strength of a specimen under exertion of a force capable of breaking many threads simultaneously, at a constant rate of extension / load.

There are also additional benefits, such as nylon braiding is less susceptible to fray as easily as plastic counterparts, as well as being less likely to become tangled.

All these factors explain that there is a significant material advantage when using nylon braided over standard simple materials such as plastic.

With prices of Apple’s and Samsung current flagship models close to and exceeding £1000 there is one sticking point with consumers…

Inferior USB to lightning cables

Although Apple does not publish official iPhone sales figures, it is estimated that 7.6 million iPhones were sold in the UK in 2017. This coupled with the estimation of 17.5 million iPad users in the uk in 2017 there is the potential for a large number of consumers to be frustrated by this issue.

What is the cost?

Despite paying a premium price for a premium device, manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung continue to supply rubber coated usb cables supplied with each phone.

Delving deeper into iPhone figures the average suspected lifespan of factory supplied cables with the devices is 6 months. With official Apple 2m replacements direct from Apple priced at £29 (price Nov 2018), replacements can be costly for consumers.

Taking into consideration the average iPhone user has their mobile phone on a two-year cycle, the cost of 3 replacement cables during this time comes in at an additional £87.

But why? Well cost. The average cost of a 1m supplied plastic usb cable with an iPhone could be as low as 30p. Taking into consideration the amount of iPhones shipped yearly if braided cables were used costs would be higher.

Nylon braided cables can cost anywhere from £5- £15 depending on length, certification or cable colour. However the lifespan of nylon braided cables in generally longer than manufacturer supplied cables.

What is the true cost?

Nylon braided cables last longer than plastic braided cables due to their durability and in comparison are cheaper to purchase.

When it comes to choosing a nylon braided cable, there is a lot of choice out there. You need to make sure you choose a good quality long lasting cable. You will even see suppliers selling multiple cables in one pack. However you need to ask yourself the question, If the cables they sell are good quality and long lasting, why would you need more than one at a time?

When purchase a nylon braided cable, make sure to choose a cable that carries a suitable warranty and sold by a company that cares about its consumers.


Are nylon braided cables better?

The answer is a resounding yes.

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