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Mobile Phone Accessories Including Nylon braided usb cables

Order Policy



CRCTech Order Policy

All orders made via CRCTech are handled via a secure 3rd party payment provider. Therefore CRCTech does not store payment details directly on the trading website.

  • Any orders made on CRCTech are subject to the following policy.

  • Any orders made on the CRCtech website will be subject to approval and confirmation before being processed. This is normally instant. However there may delays where an order is placed on hold. Examples of this are as follows:

  1. The payment method used to complete the order has been deemed as “high risk”
  2. An error on an order has been detected. An error can be deemed as system or customer based.
  3. Unauthorised discount codes have been used.
  4. The order can not be fulfilled.
  5. The delivery address has been identified as “high risk”

Once an order is placed all customers receive a confirmation email including a unique order number.

Once an order has been confirmed and dispatched, a second notification email confirmation order dispatched is sent.

All orders are subject to the refund and cancellation policies.